Corinne Gardner: From Media to Life Coaching, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Co-Founder of The Zen Project

Kickstarting my new series #SheCanDoIt, where I celebrate women who have successfully navigated career changes, I introduce Corinne Gardner aka and co-founder of The Zen Project @t__z__p.

Read about her inspiring story below.

After studying Sociology and Social Policy at Sheffield University, Corinne took some time out to travel, before moving to London to start a career in media sales selling advertising space for UK travel. Over the next 7 years, Corinne worked her way up in media sales and forged a successful career.

Like many, turning 30 was a pivotal moment for Corinne, as she started a new chapter (or life cycle as she refers to it) searching for answers. She moved to Australia for 18 months, with an 8 month stop over in Cambodia managing a backpacker Island resort, where she continued her media career. After returning to London, Corinne spent the next 9 years climbing the media career ladder; a period of her life where she recognises that she was burning the candle at both ends and drinking too much. She acknowledges that she was searching for answers in the wrong places.

4 years ago, Corinne reached a turning point in her life where she had no choice but to address her drinking and this sparked some significant changes. She was made redundant, began the AA 12 step recovery programme, cut down her working days to 4 days a week and started training as a kundalini yoga teacher and a life coach. After leaving her corporate job she built a portfolio career volunteering for 2 great charities, the Guru Ramdas Project and the Single Homeless Project, alongside working as a Life Coach. At the start of 2020 Corinne co-founded The Zen Project which is a social enterprise where she delivers zen sessions in a mobile converted yellow school bus to the community and corporate organisations.

Corinne believes in the importance of having a mindfulness practice which helped her to see more clearly when making big decisions. She also attributes creating space, for example taking time out to travel, to helping her figure things out. She believes that we all have the answers within ourself and anything you can do to help zoom out of the detail (e.g. taking a walk, getting a coach who can support you) will help you to find your own truth.

To watch the full interview on IGTV click here.

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