Nicky Elliott: From Events to Founder of Wilder Ones Children's Clothing Brand

My fourth guest on the #SheCanDoIt series is Nicky Elliott. Nicky started her career in events, where she set up her first company back in 2011. During 2020 whilst on maternity leave she came up with the idea for her new business Wilder Ones; unisex children's apparel with a core focus on sustainability. Read on to find out more about her career change journey.

Nicky has always had entrepreneurship in her blood after her dad ran his own company for 40 years. She fell into events after university, but found that it suited her organised-self really well and began to forge a successful career in it. 5 years later, when the business she was working for at the time wound up, she took the opportunity to co-found her own events business.

Nicky reflects on the challenges and highs of setting up a business aged 26 (10 years before setting up her 2nd business Wilder Ones). The experience is very different the second time around. 9 months into running the business they joined forces with another established company to build a stronger foundation, and that is where Nicky stayed working in Senior Operations until Wilder Ones was born.

Fast forward to 2020, during the pandemic and on maternity leave, Nicky decided to make a career change. The events industry had been impacted considerably by the pandemic. Furthermore, reflecting on her long commute and now having 2 kids, Nicky felt it was time for a change. She had the idea for Wilder Ones and started working on it during her maternity leave. The pandemic and having kids gave Nicky a new perspective. She wants to inspire her children to do what they love and show them that work can be enjoyable.

Nicky has a daughter and a son and loves the idea of being able to swap clothes between them, giving her childrens' clothes more longevity.

So how do you start a children's clothing business without a background in Fashion? In Nicky's words, tonnes of research, speaking to lots of people and a strong drive. Nicky also attributes her transferrable skills which she learned during her career in events to helping her set up her business (e.g. knowledge of how a business works - budgeting, cash flow, marketing etc). One of Nicky's tips for anyone in a similar position who wants to start a business in a new industry, is to recognise what you're good at and what you're less good at/interested in. If you can delegate the things you are less good at, it can save you time and money in the long run.

Wilder Ones is launching very soon! To find out more head to:

Instagram: @wilder.ones where you can see sneak previews of the clothing and brand.

Website: where you can sign up to the newsletter to hear about the launch.

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